January 26, 2022

State Investment Management Agency (VIVA) representatives met with Bpifrance and Embassy of France in Lithuania representatives

VIVA representatives led by CEO Dainius Vilčinskas met with Ms Virginie Poncet, Senior Advisor at BPI European and International Affairs Department and Bertrand Le Tallec, Economic and Financial Affairs Advisor for the Baltics at French Embassy, together with economic advisors at the Embassy of France in Lithuania to discuss the importance of providing financial business support and different possible approaches to enable it.

Ms Virginie Poncet elaborated on the structure of Bpifrance and its’ role in boosting France economy. According to Ms Poncet, Bpifrance provides a strong partnership for businesses in France throughout the whole lifecycle for their clients by creating the added value not only for business but the state as well.  She also noted that “Bpifrance has a set of different financial instruments devoted to specific business goals. Bpifrance managed to create a viable network in France to collaborate with the regional authorities to develop financial solutions tailored to specific regional context”.

VIVA CEO presented the investment model, goals and management scheme at the newly established State Investment Management Agency in Lithuania and noted the strong commitment to developing more effective financial tools to stimulate sustainable business growth in Lithuania. “We are curious to learn more about the successful BPI example in France. It’s definitely a role model we are all looking at, a significant player in France finance market trusted by business and empowered by the local Government. The results of the Bpifrance boosting the country’s economy are impressive, and we are eager to learn more and take useful insights we can adopt here in Lithuania. I am looking forward to continuing our dialogue, and I hope we’ll have an opportunity to take advantage to learn more practices from Bpifrance”.

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