For enduring business growth

The State Investment Management Agency (VIVA) manages a State Aid Fund for Business

The State Aid Fund for Business helps large and medium-sized businesses affected by COVID-19

Businesses are provided with loans and with investments made via purchases of debt securities or hybrid financial instruments

In its work VIVA abides by the highest standards of professionalism, transparency and impartiality



By lending and investing, we enliven the capital market. By pooling public and private capital, we align the business’s financing needs with the state’s investment priorities.


We promote and supplement state financial aid opportunities for business in a transparent and professional manner. We help the market ensure competitive, equitable and sustainable business financing.


We create long-term value for society in the form of jobs saved, taxes paid, and progress with unique innovations and technologies. We promote the development of sustainable businesses and strive to ensure a good return for investors.

VIVA's numbers


decisions to invest made

€213,5 million

approved investments


investment agreements signed to date

€192,5 million

investments under signed agreements

Daugiau informacijos apie pasirašytas investavimo sutartis rasite čia.

For Investors

The State Investment Management Agency manages the State Aid Fund for Business (the Fund). The state invests in the Fund through UAB Valstybės Investicinis Kapitalas.

Currently the state has invested €100 million in the Fund, with plans to additionally provide a state guarantee for up to €400 million of non-equity securities.

If needed, the Fund will also seek to attract institutional investors for investments of up to €500 million.